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Syed Ul Ulema Ali Naqi Naqvi Mujtahid

Sayyed Ali Naqi Naqvi (مولانا سيد على نقى نقوى) (born 26 December 1905 - 18 May 1988) (26th. Rajab; 1323 Hijri - 1st. Shawal; 1408 Hijri), also known as Naqqan, was a mujtahid from Lucknow, India who graduated from Najaf, Iraq. He is famous for his writings in Urdu, including the books Shaheed-e-Insaniyat and Tareekh-e-Islam.

Tarikh e shia by Syed ul Ulema


Hujjatul islam Marhoom Syed Ali Naqi saheb

He was one of the most highly regarded scholars of Shia Islam at his time. He was a genius of his time and wrote more than 100 books and 1000 short books. His books were published by him in 12 languages in India. He was the most learned scholar of all the times in Indian History.]His first journey to Iraq with his family was in 1327 Hijri. His 'Bismillah' at the age of seven in Rauza-e-Imam Ali in Najaf, Iraq. He received his initial religious training by Aaqae Syed Mohammad Ali Shah Abdul Azeemi. After his father, Syed Abul Hasan, received his ijtihad, the family moved back to Lucknow when Syed Ali Naqi Naqvi was age 9.

He taught Arabic and Persian at Lucknow University, Lucknow, India. Later he joined the Aligarh Muslim University in the Department of Shia Theology where he was its Chairman and was also on numerous occasions the Dean of the Faculty of Theology. He taught both the undergraduate students as well as post-graduate students. He was respected by all at the University.

His second journey to Najaf was for his religious education in 1927, (1345 Hijri). He had already written and published four books before his journey to Iraq

  1. Rooh Aladab Sharah Alamiyatal Arab
  2. Albait Al Mamoor Fi Emaratal Qubur
  3. Faryaad e Musalmanane Aalam
  4. Altawae Haj Per Sharaee Nuqtae Nazar Se Bahas

His first book published in Arabic was in Najaf during his days as a student and was the first ever book to be written against Wahabis, it is called "Kashf annaqab ann aqaaed Abdul Wahab Najdi". His second book in Arabic was in defence of the act of "Matam, by the name of "Aqalatalaashir fi eqamatalshaaer".

Other books in Arabic, written by Syedul Ulema Maulana Syed Ali Naqi Naqvi include:

  1. Munjaah al Tabsheer
  2. Naqd al Faraid
  3. Mushnif al Nazeer fi Masalae al Tasweer


The Martyr of Karbala
'Shaheed-e-lnsaniyyat' By Allama Ali Naqi Naqvi

Translated by S. Ali Akhtar Rizvi

This is the first English translation of the 'Allama's much esteemed Urdu book, Shaheed-e insaniyyat, a work which was written over half a century ago to commemorate the thirteen hundredth anniversary of the tragedy of Karbala. It is one of the most comprehensive accounts of the story of Imam Husain's life and death, written in a style which is at once lucid and moving. This work helps explain why it is that this event of human history continues not only to elicit unending sympathy, and grief, but also to give rise to ever-deepening piety and elucidation of the principles of the faith. In the words of the preface by Karrar Husain, 'Throughout the ages the tragedy of Karbala has stirred the depths of human emotion and evoked a frenzy of grief, and has led deeply agitated hearts through a spiritual catharsis to a shore of deep peace and understanding'

First Published in 1984

Published in association with the Islamic Culture and Research Trust, Karachi. Pakistan.

Paperback Size: 145mm x 228mm

Pages: 542
Hardback with dust jacket




  • Syed ul Ulema-Hayaat Aur Karnaame

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